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Brickell Real Estate

Brickell is a residential neighborhood with many upscale, luxury condominium and apartment towers. Brickell is the closest Miami will get to Manhattan in walkability, with high-rises, the headquarters of the nation’s top law firms and the globe’s most recognized financial institutions. Brickell Avenue and the surrounding streets is home to many popular Miami restaurants, shops, and places of entertainment. This makes this once growing patch of office buildings appealing to more than just nine-to-fivers.

As an urban and pedestrian-friendly area with an extensive public transit network, Brickell is one of the areas in Miami where a car-free lifestyle is common. The community of Brickell gets around by foot, bicycle, Metromover or Uber/Taxi. The Metromover is a popular alternative to walking in the area, especially on rainy, hot or cold days, as the Metromover is free, and stations are located roughly every two blocks throughout the area.