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Coral Gables The City Beautiful

Coral Gables’ founders imagined both a “City Beautiful” and a “Garden City,” with lush green avenues throughout the residential city, punctuated by landmarks and embellished with amongst it’s tree-lined streets. Coral Gables stands out as a planned community that blends some of the best shopping, restaurants, a bustling downtown district, and the Mediterranean Revival architectural style.

From its inception, Coral Gables was designed to be an international City, and is home to 20 consulates and foreign government offices and more than 140 multinational corporations.  In 1925, City Founder George Merrick predicted Coral Gables would serve as “a gateway to Latin America.”  To further establish international ties, the City has forged relationships with six Sister Cities: Aix-en Provence, France; Cartagena, Colombia; Granada, Spain; La Antigua, Guatemala; Province of Pisa, Italy; and Quito, Ecuador (emeritus).

The City promotes Mediterranean architectural aesthetic by offering incentives for buildings designed in this style, paying tribute to George Merrick’s initial designs were based on the Andalusia area of Spain.  Many properties in the City are on the National Register of Historic Places, and more than 1,000 properties are on the Coral Gables Register of Historic Places.  In addition, the Biltmore Hotel is a designated National Historic Landmark.